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Our Community Standards

Creating a world where anyone can truly belong requires a foundation of trust grounded in consistent expectations of Host and guest behaviour. We’ve established these Community Standards to help guide behaviour and codify the values that underpin our global community.

To help ensure safe stays, experiences and interactions – safety, security, fairness, authenticity and reliability remain central pillars in our efforts to ensure safety and foster belonging. We’re always working to make sure they’re upheld and enforced.


Your Airbnb experience begins the moment you embrace adventure. That’s only possible when you trust this community and feel safe. As a result, we require that you refrain from endangering or threatening anyone. Read our Host and guest safety policy for more information.

Harming yourself or others

You should not commit physical or sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, robbery, human trafficking, other acts of violence or hold anyone against their will. Members of dangerous organisations, including terrorist, organised criminal and violent racist groups, are not welcome in this community. Airbnb is committed to working with law enforcement as appropriate and responding to valid law enforcement requests.

We take suicide, self-injury, eating disorders and hard drug abuse extremely seriously and work to help people in crisis.

Threatening anyone

You should not convey an intent to harm anyone by your words or physical actions. We also take threats of self-harm as seriously as we do actions and may intervene if we become aware of a threat.

Creating hazardous situations

You should not keep unsecured weapons, disease risks or dangerous animals in your listing, nor should you create conditions that increase the likelihood of a fire or impede escape in the event of emergency.


Our Airbnb community members share their homes, neighbourhoods and experiences. Whether you’re opening your home as a Host or experiencing a Host’s hospitality as a guest, you should trust that you will feel secure. We ask you to respect others’ property, information and personal belongings.

Theft, vandalism or extortion

You should not take property that isn’t yours, use someone’s property without their permission, copy others’ keys or identity documents, damage others’ property, remain in listings after a stay is concluded or threaten anyone with bad ratings or any other penalty or harm to obtain compensation or other benefits. Read more about Airbnb’s Extortion Policy for more information.

Spam, phishing or fraud

You should not make transactions outside of Airbnb’s payments system; commit booking fraud, credit card fraud or launder money; attempt to drive traffic to other sites or market unrelated products; divert payments meant for others; abuse our referrals system; or make false claims against other members of the community. Read our policy for tips on avoiding fraud, scams and abuse.

Violating others’ privacy or intellectual property rights

You should not spy on other people; cameras are not allowed in your listing unless they are previously disclosed and visible, and they are never permitted in private spaces (such as bathrooms or sleeping areas). You should not access others’ accounts without authorisation or violate others’ privacy, copyrights or trademarks.


  • You should respect others' privacy by not spying on other people or interfering with their ability to use a private space.
  • Hosts are not allowed to have security cameras and recording devices that monitor any part of a listing’s interior, such as a hallway, bedroom, bathroom, living room or guest house, even if they’re turned off or disconnected, except for certain listings where required by applicable law and when approved by Airbnb. These restrictions also apply to the common areas and shared spaces of private room listings (e.g. a living room).
  • Hidden security cameras are strictly prohibited.
  • Hosts are allowed to have exterior security cameras and recording devices as long as their location is disclosed (e.g. “I have a camera in my front garden”, “I have a camera over my patio”, “I have a camera over my pool”, or “I have a camera doorbell monitoring the front door of my flat”).
  • You should not access others’ accounts without authorisation or violate others’ privacy, copyrights or trademarks.


The global Airbnb community is as diverse, unique and vibrant as the world around us. Fairness is what holds us together, what makes it possible for us to trust one another, integrate seamlessly within communities and feel as if we can truly belong.

Discriminatory behaviour or hate speech

You should treat everyone with respect in every interaction. So, you should follow all applicable laws and not treat others differently because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, disability or serious diseases. Similarly, insulting others on these bases is not allowed. Read more aboutAirbnb’s Anti-Discrimination Policyfor more information.

Bullying or harassing others

You should not share personal information to shame or blackmail others, target others with unwanted behaviour, defame others or violate our review and content standards.

Disturbing the surrounding community

You should not disturb common spaces, treat neighbours as “receptionists”, create a pervasive nuisance for those around you or persistently fail to respond to neighbour or community concerns.


Your Airbnb experiences should be full of delightful moments and surprising adventures. Since our community is built on trust, authenticity is essential – it requires a balance of shared expectations, honest interactions and accurate details.

Misrepresenting yourself

You should not provide a false name or date of birth, use listings for commercial purposes without your Host’s permission, have events or parties without your Host’s approval, maintain duplicate accounts or create an account if you’re under 18. Learn more about why we require a profile.

Misrepresenting your spaces

You should not provide inaccurate location information, have incorrect availability, mislead people about the type, nature or details of your listing, substitute one listing for another, set up fake or fraudulent listings, leave fraudulent reviews, engage in deceptive pricing or fail to disclose hazards and habitability issues. Read more about safety information on listings for more information.


Every Airbnb experience is unique and each detail specific to a home, a neighbourhood and a Host. Since our community makes commitments based on these details, we have to be able to trust each other’s reliability – whether it be in timely communication, the condition of the home or the expectations we set. Read more about our ground rules for Hosts and ground rules for guests.

Providing uninhabitable spaces

You should not provide spaces with sub-standard cleanliness or undisclosed lack of running water or electricity. You should not provide spaces that are not legitimate sleeping quarters (e.g. camping gear), not stationary for the duration of the stay (e.g. moving boats) or lack access to dedicated toilet facilities (e.g. directing guests to use public toilets).

Breaking commitments

In the absence of extenuating circumstances, you should not cancel after the deadline set in the relevant cancellation policy. You should also not fail to make check-in possible, fail to pay or break the Host’s house rules.

Being unresponsive

You should not have persistently and pervasively low ratings, be unresponsive during booking or throughout a stay, fail to provide an adequate point of contact for hosting or refuse to participate in our resolution process.

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