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Listings with non-refundable options

A non-refundable option is a discount that lets you book at a lower price but can’t be canceled for a full refund unless you have an extenuating circumstance. Hosts can offer it on top of other discounts like monthly or weekly discounts.

The discounted price is the one you’ll see in search results and will be available for booking until:

  • 1 day before desired check-in for Flexible cancellation listings
  • 5 days before desired check-in for Moderate cancellation listings
  • 14 days before desired check-in for Firm cancellation listings
  • 14 days before desired check-in for Strict cancellation listings

After that, you’ll have to book at the standard rate.

Learn more about Airbnb cancellation policies.

In the event of an extenuating circumstance, you should be prepared to provide documentation.

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