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July 01, 2019
the first bioclimatic city, the first attempt of an architecture to adapt to climate conditions. the ancient city of olynthus with all of its houses built 3000 years ago.
Nestor (& Maria)
Nestor (& Maria)
June 12, 2019
Olynthus (Ancient Greek: Ὄλυνθος Olynthos, named for the ὄλυνθος olunthos, "the fruit of the wild fig tree"[1]) was an ancient city of Chalcidice, built mostly on two flat-topped hills 30–40m in height, in a fertile plain at the head of the Gulf of Torone, near the neck of the peninsula of Pallene,…
October 13, 2017
Discover one of the most exciting ancient sites of the world. Ancient Olynthus was destroyed before the Roman expansion and keeps the form of a classical Greek city. A must.
July 01, 2017
The Archaeological Museum of Olynthos Archaeological Museum of Olynthos. The museum is in the village of Olynthos, 5 kilometres from Nea Moudania, on the archaeological site of ancient Olynthos.The excavations find there are all in the Archaeological museum of Polygyros; the museum of Olynthos has…
March 26, 2017
Archaeological site of an ancient village

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Poligiros, Central Macedonia 63200