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Unique things to do in Rovaniemi

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Arktikum
Arktikum80 locals recommend
Photo of Angry Birds Playground
Angry Birds Playground19 locals recommend
Photo of Cafe & Bar 21
Cafe & Bar 2159 locals recommend
Photo of Lordi's Square
Lordi's Square11 locals recommend
Photo of Pilke Science Centre
Pilke Science Centre28 locals recommend
Photo of Ounasvaaran Hiihtokeskus Oy
Ounasvaaran Hiihtokeskus Oy34 locals recommend

All activities near Rovaniemi

Unique experience with Northern Lights
We will meet at the reception of your accommodation. We get in a car, then we escape from the city center, towards the spot near the lake (the estimated driving time from the city center around 15-20 minutes, depending on the condition of the road). We will light the fire after arrival if there was no fire already. During our aurora hunt we will enjoy the dark, traditional Finnish wood-fired sausages, hot berry juice or tea - traditional Finnish Christmas drink (depending on what I prepare for the day in Classes). In case we are lucky, I can take pictures of you. The photos can then be sent by email if you wish for an additional 25 euros fee per person. After the aurora hunt, you will be driven back to your accommodation. Note: There is no 100% guarantee that we will catch the Northern Lights, even with ideal sunny weather and activity conditions. It all depends on mother nature. Also winer overall with snow boots can be rented for an additional 10 euros.
Aurora with Arctic Action & Lappish Camp Fire Menu
Aah yes, the beautiful pictures of Aurora Borealis! The best that Lapland has to offer, the Northern Lights, right? Im going to be totally honest with you: To see the Aurora is all about luck. Thats why I want you to experience other great Lappish things in a small group; to have a good time for four hours with open fire, Lappish / Finnish food, drinks & treats, stories, views, the polar night, the surrounding nature and atmosphere. And if we are lucky, the skies are clear and the universe serves us right, the Aurora Borealis will add a final touch to our shared traditional Lappish experience in the winter nature. Heres what is going to happen: –Maximum amount of people on the experience is 4. – I will pick you up at 18.00 sharp – I use four different locations depending on the weather & forecast, all of them have roughly the same “schedule”: – A short walk through the night forrest – We start a fire at the lean-to. – Free hanging around the area, spotting the borealis ect. while I cook. – The Dinner – We can try to figure out do the Borealis really hum... – I will watch the borealis radar – If theres no Borealis by the first place, we head on top Ounasvaara for different views & change for Sledging – I will drop you off where you want Other things to note: The car we use is a 2017 Dacia Duster 4x4. I have warm clothes & shoes to borrow.
Two hours guided tour in Arktikum museum
We will meet at the Foyer of Arktikum museum. We will spend 2 hours in Arktikum for a guided tour in the impressive and elaborate museum. I will connect many themes relating to local culture, the environment, the history and the future in an easy going but smart fashion. The more you learn in the museum, the more you will see of Finland. Other things to note The tickets are included in the price, so you do not have to buy your own tickets.
Northern Light Hunting Tour with BBQ
We are going to meet at the reception of your hotel or at the place of your accommodation. We hop in a car or minibus (depending on the amount of customers who has booked the experience for the current day), than we escape from the city center, to the spot nearby lake or next to the forest (the estimated driving time from city center around 15-20 minutes, according to the condition on the road), depending of the current weather forecast and sun activity situation. We will set up the fire on a spot after the arrival if there would be no fire already. During our Aurora hunt, we will enjoy the darkness, traditional Finnish sausages grilled on the open fire, warm berry juice or glögi - traditional Finnish Christmas drink (depending what I will prepare for the current day). In case if we will be lucky enough, I can take pictures of you on my GoPro camera. Pictures can be sent further to the email, if you want. After the Aurora hunt you will be driven back to your hotel or accommodation. Please note: there is no 100% guarantee that we will catch the Northern lights even in case of ideal weather and sun activity conditions. It is all up to the mother nature. Other things to note 1. Remember to dress up according to the weather conditions. 2. No 100% guarantee to catch the Northern lights. 3. It will be also others who participate in experience. It is not individual.
Northern lights hunting
I will pick you up from your accommodation and take you straight out of the city light pollution to the spot with the highest probability to see Northern lights. In case it is cloudy, then we visit 2-3 places to increase the chances to find a gap in the clouds. While waiting for the Northern Lights, we can enjoy hot drinks and snacks grilled on a campfire. Note, if you are vegetarian/vegan, let me know before the tour. In case you do not know the right setting for your camera to take photos of the Northern lights then I can help you and take photos of you with the Northern lights. If you do not have a camera, I know some good tips on how to take photos by your phone :) I also can take photos with my camera and send you photos by email after the tour. The 3-hour tour includes: -Guidance -Snacks grilled by the campfire and hot drinks Not included: -Overalls Please note: Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and there are no 100% chances to see it. It all depends on the clouds coverage, Northern lights activity and a bit on your own luck :)
Explore the forest with a professional photographer
On this guided photo tour, you will have the opportunity to experience the stunning arctic nature. I will guide you through the iconic Rovaniemi forest, a must see! I will document your visit with 15 professional photos. We will start with a short walk in the forest, which will be the opportunity to immortalize your stay in a typical Lapland landscape. We will then take a break by the fire to taste some culinary specialties. This moment will be an opportunity to listen to some anecdotes about life in Lapland. By the fireside we will be able to capture some cozy portraits. We will end our tour with a walk to a point of view overlooking the city and its surroundings, it is breathtaking! The experience lasts about two hours for a distance of 2 kilometers.
Aurora Borealis Picnic Trip Mini Groups
We will meet at the center of Rovaniemi or we will pick you up from hotel, apartment where you stay. We will drive out of the city by comfortable and new car to the special and beautiful place nearby the lake in the forest. We will drive around 20 min to reach the spot. I will show you how to set up or maintain a campfire in real Finnish Kota (wooden hut). While you will be enjoying the view of magical darkness of the nature, I will grill Finnish sausages for you on the open fire as well as cook traditional hot Christmas drink which consists of Lappish berries. You will also have possibility to cook yourself if you would like. I will be able to make nice pictures with you. Depending on our luck and weather conditions, Aurora lights will be seen on the pictures too! All memorable pictures will be sent to you by email or messengers. After we will have a nice Aurora Borealis Picnic I will drive you back to your accommodation. Please be noticed that northern lights is a natural phenomenon therefore nobody can guarantee that we will catch the lights. However, I hope we will! Other things to note: This is an authentic experience and I will try my best for you to feel it! Even if it will be cold outside, there will be hot food, hot drinks organized in front of the campfire.
Santa Comes Bearing Berries
The Aurora Borealis never stood a chance compared to this experience – a visit from the main man of the arctic circle, the one and the only Santa Claus who brings with him a fully loaded taste experience with knowledge and laughter. Here Santa comes to your accommodation and presents you the most Lappish treat there is: Lätty with Berries and Chaga Mushroom tea. Santa will share his knowledge about the berries and chaga, that are in fact the secret to his long age, great health and awesome sense of humor. You will learn and taste the best that northern pristine wilderness has to offer, and you will laugh, or else Santa might condemn you as naughty. All of the offered natural treats are hand picked and preserved by Mr. Claus: Cloudberry Trust Santa as he tells you that this legendary icon can only be described as follows: One berry to rule them all. Blueberry Grown under the 24/7 sun, full of a taste of life – totally a different breed than the cultivated push blueberries. Lingonberry A bit bitter and sharp in taste, this opinion divider might be the healthiest of the set. Chaga Mushroom Life is strange and thus the fountain of youth is an ugly a** mushroom that grows in the birches of the arctic. *More information about the berries with the pictures *Presentation takes about 40 min *Santa can give presents you have for your loved ones
Lapland Berry Day Experience
We will take you to experience the nature that Lapland has to offer by picking blueberries and wild mushrooms. Take a private shuttle to magical forest just 40 km away from Rovaniemi. We will open our amazing senses and breathe the nature pure air. Take a deep breath and let the energy of the forest to cure the stress of your busy life in the city. This is the place to relax your body and mind! Relax around this stunning landscape while picking various types of berries and delicious mushrooms. Here you can listen carefully to various animals and birds singing in the forest. Afterwards we will walk to the highest point of the forest to the see the unparalleled beauty of Lapland. We will of course prepare a bonfire, creating a nice atmosphere while we enjoy a nice picnic!
The Polar Sun & The Two Towers
Do you know what defines the Arctic circle? Arctic circle marks the northernmost point at which the center of the noon sun is just visible on the December solstice. This means that during the polar night period (mid November - mid February) you can experience the sun rise followed by the sun set in an instant. For me, the red sun that peeks at the horizon just to go down again has always been a bigger spectacle than the Borealis, so naturally this miracle – the Polar Sun – is something I want to show and share with You. But before the main event heres what we will do: – Pick up at 9.00 sharp. – 10 mins drive to Ounasvaara. – 10-15 mins walk through the woods to the First Tower. – 1hr free hanging by the tower where you enjoy the views, the wicket, the fire and the surrounding nature while I prepare your brunch. – You enjoy the Brunch – A little walk to an excellent downhill sledging place -> change for some serious sledging! – 15 mins drive and a small hike to the Second Tower on top of Syväsenvaara – The Polar Sun (If the skies are willing) – The Surprise – I will drop you of where you want to go Other things to note The car we use is a 2017 Dacia Duster 4x4. I have warm clothes & shoes to borrow but they are not the latest fashion. I have a sledge for you.
Visit to national park and frozen waterfalls hiking
If you ever wanted to visit a frozen kingdom, this is your time! The Korouoma National Park looks beautiful in winter. We will start our winter hike with a hotel pick up. Korouoma National Park is located in the municipality of Posio, 100km away from Rovaniemi. This long valley is a popular location for hikers year round, but in winter, it has an even bigger appeal. In addition to the snowglobe-like scenery, there are massive frozen waterfalls that will make you feel like you are in a fairytale. The hike is moderate, but you will need to dress up in warm clothes, sturdy shoes and to be prepared for a unique experience. Don't forget to bring your camera, because Korouoma Canyon in winter looks like it's out of this world. The hike is 2-5 km long, and we will follow the official park trail. In the middle of our journey we will stop to rest at the camp. We will show you real Finnish survival skills including how to make fire in the snow, chop firewood, and light up fire for lunch! We will have some tea and lunch, before we continue to the finish line. Please note, that this tour is not suitable for young children. Recommended age 4+ y.o.
Lapland Winter Experience Snowshoeing
The major reason why you should try snowshoeing that it helps to keep a body in a good shape during the winter! Moreover, you will have hiking surrounded by natural scenery of Lapland. The expert guide will show you how to put the snowshoes on and lead you to the deep Arctic forest. Even for little kids and for non-sporting people it is a joyful winter experience. Look around and try to find the wild Arctic animals! Embark on an unforgettable hiking and snowshoeing journey into the forest in the Arctic Circle, where you will pass through frozen rapids and follow amazing nature trails between woods. Also, a forest campfire BBQ will be provided with warm tea. What's included? Winter clothes (overall, boots and gloves) Snowshoes Snowshoeing Hike Campfire BBQ: pork sausage, marshmallows and blueberry tea (vegetarian/vegan alternative on the request)
Northern Lights Photography Tour
Follow our professional photographer and learn the necessary tricks to capture the auroras. Bring your camera with you or let the photographer take the best photos of you. Once inside the magical forest, we will explain why the Northern Lights occur and tell you about traditional legends from the Sami and Lapp cultures. After the tour, you will receive the photos of the Northern Lights so that you can download them at no additional cost.
Unique kayak Experience
We will meet you and pick you up at your accommodation then drive to the lake where we’ll jump on the canoe or kayak and enjoy and explore the stunning lapland nature and wildlife, navigate surrounded by the amazing forests
Wilderness snowshoe adventure
Meet at the center of Rovaniemi or order pickup from us. Get overalls, waterproof boots, gloves and woolen socks from us. Hop on in the car and get excited about our trip. This trail is part of the Arctic Circle Hiking Area, take few kilometres snowshoe hike in the wilderness with professsional and experienced guide. Have a picnic with snacks and drinks cooked on the open fire surrounded by lappish nature. With the help of our guide you will have a unique chance to learn more about Lapland .
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