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    Improved protections for Hosts and guests

    We’re adding even more AirCover protections for our entire community.
    By Airbnb on 11 May 2022
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    Updated 11 May 2022


    • AirCover offers four new protections for guests

    • Guests will be informed that their payment method on file may be charged if they cause damage to your place or belongings*

    • We’re launching guest travel insurance in the coming months

    The strength of Airbnb is built on your commitment to ensuring guests have great stays. In the rare event that something happens outside of your control, and you aren’t able to resolve the issue, we want your guests to know Airbnb is there to help.

    Last November, we introduced AirCover for Hosts.** We’re now adding AirCover for guests, offering industry-leading free protections for our whole community. This will ensure that everyone has the confidence to host and stay on Airbnb.

    We also have new info about AirCover for Hosts that will allow you to escalate a reimbursement request faster, as well as updates to security deposits, travel insurance for guests and the removal of COVID-19 as an extenuating circumstance for guests.

    Details about new guest protections under AirCover

    A Host is always the best person to resolve a guest's concerns. But, if a serious issue (examples below) comes up during a guest’s stay and you’re not able to resolve it, guests are now covered by four protections every time they stay on Airbnb:

    1. Booking Protection Guarantee: In the unlikely event you need to cancel a guest’s booking within 30 days of check-in, we’ll find your guest a similar or better home at Airbnb’s expense or we’ll refund them.
    2. Check-In Guarantee: If a guest can’t check in to your place and you aren’t able to resolve the issue – for example, if your guest can’t access your property and can’t get in touch with you – we’ll find your guest a similar or better home for the length of their original stay at Airbnb’s expense or we’ll refund them.
    3. Get-What-You-Booked Guarantee: If at any time during a guest’s stay, they find your space isn’t as advertised – for example, the fridge stops working and you can’t easily fix it, or it has fewer bedrooms than listed – the guest has three days to report it, and we’ll find them a similar or better home at Airbnb’s expense or we’ll refund them.
    4. 24-Hour Safety Line: If a guest ever feels unsafe, they’ll get priority access to specially trained safety agents, day or night.

    Get complete details on how AirCover protects every guest’s booking and any exclusions that apply.

    Your questions answered about new guest protections

    What makes guests eligible for a rebooking or refund?
    While AirCover protects guests from severe issues that may go wrong during a stay, it does not include more minor issues.

    Here are some examples of low-severity problems, which wouldn’t typically qualify for a rebooking or refund:

    • A dirty dish left in the sink
    • Common bugs spotted on outside patio (e.g. ants)
    • A non-critical missing amenity (e.g. a broken toaster)

    Here are some examples of high-severity problems, where a rebooking or refund may need to be explored:

    • A major inaccuracy from the listing description (e.g. no ocean view as advertised)
    • A major or required missing amenity (e.g. heating, wifi or water)
    • Missing check-in instructions or the wrong key at check-in and the Host can’t be contacted (which could put guests’ safety at risk)

    Will you require guests to contact me if there is an issue?
    If an issue comes up during a guest’s stay, our Community Support team always urges guests to contact their Host first to resolve it. Hosts are the best people to support guest concerns.

    If an issue can’t be resolved directly with their Host, the guest has 72 hours from when they discover a problem to contact Airbnb for support. Our specialised Community Support team considers the severity of a travel issue each time we work with Hosts and guests to resolve an issue.

    If Community Support validates that the guest is experiencing a serious travel issue, the guest may be protected by AirCover.

    Will guests be eligible for refunds when they remain in the home?
    In most cases, guests will only be eligible for a full refund for nights not spent in a Host’s space. When guests choose to remain in the space, they will generally only be eligible for a partial refund of nights that were affected by a serious travel issue. As an example, a guest may be eligible for a partial refund if they remain in the home but the hot water heater is broken for two nights of their stay.

    In all cases, if a guest contacts Community Support, our standard practice is to remind them to contact the Host directly if they haven’t done so. Our Community Support team will also contact the Host unless there’s a significant, time-sensitive safety issue.

    Get more details on how the rebooking and refund policy works

    Improved protections for Hosts

    Faster support for escalating reimbursement requests
    Based on your feedback, we’ve evolved AirCover for Hosts’ damage protection since we introduced it last November. When we launched AirCover for Hosts, you needed to wait 72 hours for a response from a guest for any reimbursement requests before contacting Community Support.

    We’ve updated the programme based on your feedback – and now, you can contact Community Support for help if you haven’t heard from a guest within 24 hours. We’ve changed this policy to directly address comments from Hosts.

    Holding guests responsible for damage
    To better support our Host community, starting at the end of May, if a guest, someone they invite or a pet is responsible for damage during a stay, the guest’s payment method on file may be charged.*

    In case of damage, you’ll submit a Host damage protection reimbursement request at our Resolution Centre, as part of AirCover for Hosts.

    If your guest doesn’t respond within 24 hours, you can escalate your request to Community Support. We’ll review any evidence and may charge your guests’ payment method if we determine they’re responsible.

    As part of this update, security deposits will be removed from the listing settings page. If you previously had a security deposit, this will no longer be in effect on your hosting account. Learn more

    Removing COVID-19 as an extenuating circumstance for guests
    Now that COVID-19 is a known part of our world, many countries have moved to a new stage in their response and we’ve updated our approach to COVID-19-related cancellations in consultation with medical advisors.

    For bookings made on or after 31 May 2022, having COVID-19 will no longer be considered an extenuating circumstance (except for domestic reservations in South Korea and mainland China). If a guest cancels their booking because they’re sick with COVID-19, the Host’s cancellation policy will apply.

    We hope this change allows you to feel more secure as you fill your calendars, especially ahead of peak seasons.

    News about guest travel insurance

    We’re excited to share that in the coming months, we will be launching a custom-built guest travel insurance product offering in partnership with a reputable insurance company for Airbnb guests in some areas.

    Until this new product is available, guests can consider purchasing travel insurance outside of Airbnb. We look forward to sharing more travel insurance details with you very soon.

    *Charging a guest’s payment method on file does not apply to stays in China, Japan or India.

    **Host damage protection isn’t an insurance policy. It doesn’t cover Hosts who offer stays through Airbnb Travel, LLC, or Hosts with stays in mainland China or Japan. Host damage protection isn’t related to Host liability insurance. Keep in mind that all coverage limits are shown in USD and that there are other terms, conditions and exclusions.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    • AirCover offers four new protections for guests

    • Guests will be informed that their payment method on file may be charged if they cause damage to your place or belongings*

    • We’re launching guest travel insurance in the coming months

    11 May 2022
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