South Yarra

Clean glass facades, designer labels, and velvet ropes characterise this destination for classy cocktails.

High heels and designer leather boots click down the long catwalk of Chapel Street past high price tags in South Yarra's boutiques. Just off the main thoroughfare, independent shops and cafes share the block with preserved mansions and art deco flats. When the sun sets, velvet ropes part outside posh nightclubs and glasses clink inside swanky cocktail lounges.

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On the Map

South Yarra is bordered by South Melbourne, Albert Park, Burnley, Toorak, Richmond, Prahran/Windsor, and Southbank

Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine): 50 minutes by public transit or 30 minutes by taxi
Flinders Street Station/Federation Square: 10 minutes by public transit
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG): 25 minutes by public transit
Royal Botanic Gardens: 20 minute walk

  • Public transit is Easy
  • Having a car is Possible

Shop 'Til You Drop

Airbnb South Yarra HR147

Chapel street is a shopper's paradise.

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Airbnb South Yarra HR132
Airbnb South Yarra HR139

Every corner has a new designer label.

Airbnb South Yarra HR150

Or a new designer look.

Airbnb South Yarra HR149

Friends gather to talk shop.

Airbnb South Yarra HR140

Shopping in South Yarra is a perfected art.

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The neighbourhood offers ample opportunity to eat well and look good, too.

Airbnb South Yarra HR151

These heels were made for shopping and that's just what they'll do.

Toorak Road and Tree-lined Parks

Airbnb South Yarra HR141

Tudor themed buildings grace Toorak road.

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Airbnb South Yarra HR137

The area's green spaces are therapeutic after a long day of retail therapy.

Airbnb South Yarra HR138

There's always a riverside ride for the outdoor-inclined.

Prahran Market

Airbnb South Yarra HR133

This neighbourhood fixture is Melbourne's hub for fresh fare.

Airbnb South Yarra HR145

Sleek cafes are adorned with market lights and caffeinated denizens.

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Each season brings a new gastronomic fete, from cherry festivals to sustainable seafood celebrations.

Airbnb South Yarra HR131

Don't forget to bring home flowers.

Airbnb South Yarra HR155

Or a basket to carry your organic market finds. If you find yourself in South Yarra, you'll feel right at home.


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