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From underground clubs to skyscraping murals and poignant history to thoughtful modernity, Berlin's culture radiates.

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Berlin has a great network of public transportation. U-bahn is the subway, S-bahn is the above ground train within the city and Tram is the light rail system network. For all three modes of transportation, be sure to validate your ticket in the red or yellow box after you purchase it from the machine. For getting to outlying areas, you can take a regional train from 5 various points in Berlin. Buses cover everything not accessible by rails 24/7. You may opt for a relatively affordable taxi late at night instead of waiting at a station or bus stop. Driving is manageable and possible, however parking in major centres is hard.

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Known for

The Berlin Wall, historical significance, Bauhaus, provocative street art, weekend-long parties, electronic music, artists' squats, beer gardens

Locals Love

Locals Love

Self-expression, sitting outside in inclement weather, Currywurst, critiques, partying for days, beers by the river, biking to work, bio shops, brunch

Locals Complain About

Locals Complain About

The “mainstream,” finding a shared flat, grey winters, dog poop, crossing the street on a red light, people who ride their bikes outside the lane

Things to do in Berlin

Here's your key to the city. A definitive guide of the best local spots, as told by local Airbnb hosts

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