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Unique things to do in Kyiv

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Kiev Pechersk Lavra
Kiev Pechersk Lavra60 locals recommend
Photo of St. Sophia's Cathedral
St. Sophia's Cathedral42 locals recommend
Photo of Maidan Nezalezhnosti
Maidan Nezalezhnosti19 locals recommend
Photo of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery
St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery18 locals recommend
Photo of National Opera of Ukraine
National Opera of Ukraine27 locals recommend
Photo of St. Volodymyr's Cathedral
St. Volodymyr's Cathedral13 locals recommend

All activities near Kyiv

Support Ukrainian Army Mountain biking Kyiv secret trails
SUPPORT UKRAINIAN ARMY adventure. Please note, when you will book this tour all money goes to Ukrainian Defence Forces fund. We will be able to provide your adventure as soon as russians will stop to bomb Kyiv city. We will start our adventure at 14:00 from my office. Activity takes 2 hours of real mountain biking with steep downhills, awesome climbs, perfect city views and a lot of forest and park trails. During that trip we will visit few places with rich historical heritage - Babyn Yar, Tatarka and Dubki park. We will not use regular traffic routes, but only perfect single trails and we will try to avoid city boring tourist routes. Finish point will be the same as start at 16:00. Please note - the bike rental is not included in price. P.S. We can provide the high quality mountain bike rental optionally. Please contact us for details.
Город в лучах солнца и ночных огнях
Feel free to ask me to add or change time of the tour. I'm sure we will find the best option for you. We will meet at Independence Square (Maidan Nezaleznosti) , will go to the roof of shopping center "The Globe" (Globus) to see view, walk along Khreschatyk, "glass bridge, then will go to Sophiivska square. Places we visit: 1) Independence Square 2) Globus roof 3) Khreschatyk 4) Arch of friendship 5) "Glass" bridge 6) Mykhailivska square 7) St. Andrew's chuch * possible wine tasting in local wine bar I will show you the most beautiful and interesting places at night, I will tell you some stories about my city. After the walking tour possible taste traditional Ukrainian food in restaurant. The duration of walk will depend from weather conditions and your wishes. And we always can choose the best time for you.
Support Ukrainian army Snow mountain biking in Kiev
SUPPORT UKRAINIAN ARMY. PLEASE NOTE - all funds from this adventure will be forwarded to ukrainan Defence forces and fefugee support. We will provide the tour after bombardments of the Kyiv city will be stopped. Wonderful 2-hour winter bike tour that will keep you warm and have tons of fun on our local trails. What will you get in these 2 hours? 1. We will ride a bike for about 15-20 km with elevation gain about 300 meters. 2. Be ready for funny bike crashes into the soft snow powder 3. We will visit 3 interesting historical places in Kiev - Babyn Yar, Dubki Forest park amd Tatarka historical site This type of tour can be booked with moderate snow conditions. For this tour we use professional mountain bikes with a wheel diameter of 27.5+. This type of tire guarantees optimal grip and confidence on difficult winter trails. This tour will be suitable for intermediate and advanced lebel riders with good balance skills. But if you are beginner - it also can be funny for you.
Street Art and Graffiti Tour in Kiev
"People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that's only if it's done properly" - Banksy. There's no other Kiev Walk like this one! It's intense on the senses. I will show you the 15 best street art works that will make you smile, be surprised and inspired. You will admire the fascinating scenery composed of the colourful mix of Ukrainian architecture, futuristic buildings and wonderful street art.
New Year 2022 Party in São Miguel Bar
Celebrate the New Year 2022 in our new bar with costumed 90s' party! We would like to invite our friends and the best people and travellers who's in Kyiv at the moment! If you still don't have any plans for a new year night - come over and join our New Years party:)
Kyiv bar tour with two local girls volunteers
Hello guys! Because of the war in Ukraine our life was changed. We are volunteers now and helping people who lost their homes. But life in Kyiv becoming normal, fun and different. Since we are in love with Kyiv, we can show you life in the capital as locals. At this tour we will visit bars, art exhibitions and parties together where interesting creative art people hang out. You will meet a lot of new friends with us and we will have a lot of fun together. Drinks are not included at price.
Ukraine Through Wine & Food plus some of hedonistic Kyiv
Ukraine is a wine country but the fact is unknown not only in the world – even inside Ukraine. Only few and mostly industrial local wines are presented in the shops . And the best are unavailable to general public. You need to know the wineries and winemakers to reach their products – that truly can compete with European or the New World wines. Are you ready to try some of them and get amazed? Before the wine tasting we’ll have a walk through some of the most interesting and atmospheric locations close to the center of Kyiv: starting from one of the oldest and most beautiful squares to a historical park and a modern viewpoint – the Glass Bridge. Then to an old descent and the real downtown – Podil. On the way, I’ll be telling you about the history and presence of Ukrainian winemaking and the modern food scene. We may also drop to some bars or cafés on our route – the ones that are loved by locals but not usually known to strangers. At our final destination you’ll be able to taste up to 8 wines from different regions of Ukraine with some pairing local snacks. Be ready for discoveries and gustatory pleasures. After the tour I'll send you a PDF with my small guide you can use on your own. NOTE: drinks and food on the way to the tasting are not included in the price. It's up to you to decide how much and what you want to eat or drink, I can only offer you good suggestions.
Chicken Kyiv Tour
There are special dishes among varied Ukrainian cuisine that not only delicious, but can also tell about history of the city and the country. Guests will get acquainted with such dishes during the tour which will consist of two parts: walking through historic center of the city and testing food in colorful dining locations. When people from other countries come to visit Kyiv, they often ask: what is the difference between Ukrainian and Russian borscht? Or why is Chicken Kiev popular in other countries? There is no short answer - it is always necessary to describe the history of this country and people. This is how the idea of the tour was born - to tell the history of the country through popular local dishes. And - at the same time - taste each of these dishes. In addition - see the picturesque historical and architectural places associated with stories about cuisine. The tour passes through the historical places of the city: St. Andrew's Church, Sofia Square and others, with visits of two local restaurants, and takes 3 hours.
Woodworking master-class
Welcome to the world of creativity, handmade, woodworking and glass engraving. We offer woodworking master-classes, glass engraving in a modern, comfortable and safe workshop, which is equipped with all the necessary power tools and personal protective gear. We have master-classes in our workshop and onsite workshops are also possible. Our workshop Sverlyk has been working in Ukraine since 2014. We provide you with personal working place in a workshop, all necessary power tools, moto-saw, multi-tool, materials, goggles, mask, smock, as well as advisory support of our craftsmen. Duration of the regular master-class is 1,5 hours. When your workpiece is finished you can keep it. You can choose workpiece template right before the master-class begins. The most popular works among our students are: wooden wine table, holiday decorations, wooden covers for notebooks, glass cards, decorative glass cups, candlesticks, wooden organizer, key holders. Welcome to the Ukrainian modern workshop where people design and decorate beautiful hand-made crafts from wood and glass using professional power tools. Combine entertainment, enjoyable time and new experiences. Looking forward to seeing you!
Aristocratic city tour
I would like to invite all the Kyiv city guests to my author’s excursion “Aristocratic city tour”. During the tour you will enjoy the calm hidden streets of the busy metropolis , the absolutely stunning architecture, and the unique personal stories of noble citizens of Kyiv of that time like the secret of Chanel 5 perfume and the story of the constitution that had been created before the American and French were. We will be walking around, having local coffee ( in the best hidden places ). One thing I can tell you for sure and everyone will be in love with the city after this tour. You will feel the city’s energy and dive into its secrets.
Дегустація українських вин на Подолі
Have you ever heard about Ukrainian wines or tried them? Most likely not. However, they are worth your attention, and they are worth being among the best European wines. I offer you to learn more about history and present of Ukrainian winemaking and enjoy its tastes. History of wine in Ukraine had its ups and downs, and today it, in fact, goes through its new birth. Even Ukrainians don’t know much about it, and only real local connoisseurs know which of our wines are really the best and where to find them. Only a few of the bests may be found in supermarkets. To find the rest you usually need to know exact wineries and go there. Or you can come to the tasting in a cosy and unique wine bar in a historical neighbourhood of Kyiv, and I’ll be happy to be your guide in the topic. During the experience we’ll make a virtual tour through years and regions, and you’ll be able to taste 5+ wines from wineries situated in different points of Ukraine. You can also choose some local farmers’ cheeses or sausages, or even snails or oysters. After the tasting I’ll also send you some additional information on the topic – so that you could go on exploring Ukrainian wine & food scene on your own. Taste Ukraine and fall in love with its wines & delicacies!
Kyiv Sightseeing tour
Thank you so much for your support during this difficult time. I believe one day after Russia stops bombing our country and we win I can show you all the beauty of it. Thank you Here is what I personally prefer and can share with you, so this is my plan: • We will start with observing excursion around city centre and Podol) Then you’ll try Ukrainian national food • And then we’ll visit one of the Kiev islands where you can do kayaking and steamer boat tour 2. I’ll tell you a lot about the history of Ukraine, my favorite country in the world. We will also have friendly conversations and spend a great time together! 3. After visiting all those amazing places with me you will definitely have a greater appreciation of my country and its culture!
Kiev Spanish Tour
Amigos, muchas gracias por su ayuda! La situación económicamente que tengo es bastante complicada. Encontrar trabajo en Ucrania es imposible ahora... Mucha gente me pregunta por qué no salgo de Ucrania. Pero yo no puedo... no puedo decir a la gente que quiero mucho "Adios", no puedo dejar mi novio (los hombres no pueden salir de Ucrania durante la guerra), todo lo que tengo está en Ucrania. Es mi país, es mi patria! Muchas gracias a todos por donaciones yo uso este dinero para comprar la comida y ayudar a la gente que está cerca de mi.
Unique experimental art classes
You will find yourself in the School of Experimental Art, where you can plunge into art, plunge into the world of creativity thanks to a variety of master classes in drawing techniques, ranging from fluid art to my personal authorial techniques with which you can create a picture, drawing or illustration that will be able to decorate the interior, become your author’s development for the print and, most importantly, diversify your leisure with incredible impressions. Другая важная информация The master class lasts about 2 hours. At the master class you will create work that you take away with you, either by filling out a frame with us for an additional fee, or by folding it into a tube shape and special paper that protects the work from damage and moisture.
Romantic rendezvous on a sailing yacht
You will board a real sailing yacht. You will be able to get acquainted with the structure of the yacht and the basic principles of sailing. You will learn how the various parts of the yacht are called and you will be able to independently assess the comfort on board. We are going on a yacht trip along the best route. This is the best sightseeing route. Our journey will start from the pier of the Hydropark, then we will go up the river, at this time you will see the unique views of Kiev, which cannot be seen in any way except from the river. Having reached the inlet of the Dog's Gyrlo, we will make a short stop. We can dock and swim (depending on the weather) or have a picnic on the beach or on the yacht. After that, we will turn south and reach the southern outskirts of Kiev, at this time you will see the famous Paton Bridge, the Vydubetsky Monastery and other attractions, as well as see the corners of beautiful nature, after which we will return to Gidropak to our starting point. During the trip you will be able to take part in steering the yacht (steering wheel and sails, motor if necessary). Traveling on a yacht is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Other things to note Travel is completely safe.
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