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Community policy

Writing relevant and unbiased reviews

We want you to feel confident that the reviews you read on Airbnb are accurate and free of external influences. Reviews are only helpful when reviewers accurately recount their experience and provide their honest opinions.

What we don’t allow

  • Review manipulation: Attempting to influence a guest or Host’s review through threats or incentives has no place in our community.
  • Competitor reviews: Established competitors of a specific Host may not leave a negative review with the intent to dissuade guests from booking that Host’s stay or Experience.
  • Conflict of interest: Reservations created only to try to manipulate the review system with fake reviews and fake ratings are not allowed.
  • Irrelevant or biased content: Reviews that are biased or that don’t include relevant or helpful information or commentary may be removed. For example, if a guest does something that is not allowed, their review should only include information that will be relevant to other guests, not information about how they feel about the consequences of not following the policy.
  • Violating content: Any other content that doesn’t follow Airbnb's Content Policy has no place in our community.

Learn more about Airbnb's Review Policy.

We're here to help

If you witness or experience behaviour that goes against our policies, please let us know.

While these guidelines don’t cover every possible scenario, they’re designed to offer general guidance on Airbnb’s community policies.

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