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How to submit your ID

When you're booking a stay that requires identity verification, this step occurs during checkout and usually takes under a minute to complete. Once you've submitted your information, it may take up to 12 hours for the ID verification to be reviewed and approved.

If for any reason we are unable to verify your identity using the details you have provided, we will ask you to verify your identity in another way – such as with your Government ID.

What we may ask you for

As part of the identity verification process, we may ask you to provide us with:

  • Legal name, address and/or other personal information. Often, these are sufficient for us to verify your identity.
  • Photo of your Government ID. This could be a driving licence, passport, identity card or visa. Learn more about types of Government ID.
  • Selfie. We may need to ask you for a photograph along with your Government ID. If you can’t provide a selfie that matches your Government ID, you can contact us for an alternative verification method.

Learn more about identity verification.

Having trouble? Try these:

  • Check your messages: You may have been sent additional information via text, email or phone. Do you think you may have missed an email? Learn why.
  • Grant camera permission: The Airbnb app or your browser may need permission to access your camera. Still not working? Try refreshing the app or page.
  • Use high-quality photos: Take photos in a well-lit room, checking that your face is clear and not obscured, and fit information within the provided white lines. Using “auto” mode will allow the app to automatically take high-quality photos, although you can always switch back to take photos manually. Religious head coverings are welcome, but please make sure that we can see your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Submit photos of an original (not photocopied) and undamaged ID: we can’t accept a photocopy, PDF or other digital copy of the government ID. Please make sure that the profile picture is clear and is not smudged. If the ID has two sides, such as a driving licence, submit photos of the front and back.
  • Make sure you're submitting a valid ID type: We can't accept school, college, library, gym or military IDs. Learn more about types of ID for verification.
  • Take a direct picture of the government ID: A photo of the government ID displayed on another mobile phone or computer is not acceptable.
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