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    What types of listings are part of monthly stays?

    Listings that are highlighted in the Monthly stays section of Airbnb meet these criteria.

    Accept longer stays

    These listings must be available for bookings of 28 days or more.

    Essential amenities for living

    These listings have been equipped with amenities that accommodate longer trips, including:

    • Kitchen
    • Wifi
    • Essentials (toilet paper, soap, towels, bed linen, and pillows)

    Discounted monthly pricing and deferred payments

    Staying for 28 nights or more opens up new discounted rates for your stay. Listings that are included in Monthly stays must either provide a discount for or be priced exclusively for 28 days or longer.

    Guests staying for 28 days or longer are able to pay for their stay on a monthly basis. Find out more about paying for your long-term stay.

    Additional information for hosts

    Find out what the differences are between short-term hosting and long-term hosting, and how to get started hosting longer stays.

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