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    What is Open Homes?

    Note: Open Homes is becoming Find out more.

    Open Homes connects people with a free place to stay in times of need. The idea for Open Homes came from Airbnb hosts in 2012. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, hosts decided to offer their homes for free to neighbours who were forced to evacuate. Inspired by their generosity, Open Homes became an official part of Airbnb.

    Since then, it’s expanded to support evacuees, relief workers, medical patients, refugees and asylum seekers. We partner with trusted nonprofits like Mercy Corps, the International Rescue Committee, and the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation to develop the programme and connect their clients with a free place to stay in times of need.

    Open Homes stays are always free for the guests. Some hosts choose to host Open Homes stays for free by signing up with the Open Homes community. If you haven't signed up to host guests for free on Open Homes, you'll still receive your usual payment for your listing when you have an Open Homes booking. Airbnb waives all service fees for these reservations.

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