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Discover Permaculture in our Farm

Discover Permaculture in our Farm

Duration:3 hours total
Languages:Offered in English
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About your host

I am a professional Permaculture teacher, consultant and designer with over 10 years of experience in many different countries and climates. I am passionate to transmit my knowledge and support others to start their own projects.

About La Escuela de la Conciencia Creativa

The non-profit organization "La escuela de la Conciencia Creativa" aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting nature and inspiring all kinds of actions everyone can take to be more environmental friendly. The organization has been created since 2008 and have been supporting many activities and receiving over 300 volunteers from all around the world.
This is a social impact experience where 100% of what you pay for this experience goes to La Escuela de la Conciencia Creativa. .

What we’ll do

We will walk around the whole farm where you will be able to discover authentic and special ways to create an Eco-system with hundreds of different varieties as well as techniques to control pests, diseases and evaporation. We will see together different ways to enhance soil quality with different environmental friendly techniques, water preservation strategies, proper using of the natural…

What else you should know

We have the amazing natural pools of Bajamar just 5min walking from the farm. It is a great opportunity to go and swim there.

What I’ll provide

Water, Herbal Tea, sometimes some fruit to try.

What to bring

Hat for Sun
paper and pen

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€25 per person
€25 per person