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Unique things to do in Casablanca

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque80 locals recommend
Photo of Marina Shopping Center
Marina Shopping Center4 locals recommend
Photo of Pâtisserie Bennis Habous
Pâtisserie Bennis Habous6 locals recommend
Photo of Central Marketplace
Central Marketplace3 locals recommend
Photo of Eglise Notre Dame De Lourdes
Eglise Notre Dame De Lourdes5 locals recommend
Photo of Sacred Heart Cathedral
Sacred Heart Cathedral11 locals recommend

All activities near Casablanca

Local experience on foot
We start up our tour in the morning with a traditional breakfast at a local spot to craft our local experience. Then our walking tour starts together with Mohammed V Square "Pigeons Square" that forms the central hub of Casablanca’s new town and is home to some of the most striking architecture in the city. Along with the neighboring United Nations Square. It’s a large palm-tree lined public square represents the place where the old and new town meet. Followed by a relaxed walk through the Medina (old town) of Casablanca. Dip into the daily life of the locals and travel back in time while rambling through the narrow streets. Discover some influences from the French colonial era after visiting the bustling marketplace where clothes, spices and traditional leather goods are offered by handi-crats workers. Up to a real must-see monument “Hassan II Mosque” with its impressive world’s tallest minaret. Admire the building from the outside and listen to the incredible facts about its dimension.. The mosque is known by its high minaret of 210 meters. Finally, we’ll get to know La Corniche. At the magnificent seafront as we may enjoy a walk or simply relax in a cafe with a view of the Atlantic Ocean that offers a less traditional and more holiday escape-side of Morocco. You can dip into the water if you feel daring. Last, we finalize our tour with a delicious Moroccan lunch Other things to note * To join a guided tour in Hassan II mosque: 1- You have to buy a ticket as entry fee there (130 DH). 2- Women should bring a scarf to cover their arms to be allowed to enter.
Social Surf Maroc - Cours de surf pour tous les niveaux
Bonjour à tous ! Je vous invite à me rejoindre dans mon univers afin de partager avec vous ma passion du surf. Les cours durent 2 heures (horaires et lieu du cours à déterminer ensemble en fonction des conditions et marrées) et se déroulent comme suit : - 15 minutes de cours théorique sur la plage pour apprendre ou rappeler les bases et les règles de sécurité ; - 15 minutes d'échauffement ; - 1h30 de surf adapté au niveau de chacun ; - 15 minutes de débriefing oral pour se fixer des objectifs pour les prochaines leçons. Le surf est un sport connu pour ses vertues thérapeutiques, ainsi, dans le cadre de mes leçons, je veille à ce que chaque personne s'amuse, développe sa confiance en soi et passe un bon moment. Aloha !
Photoshoot Tour with a Local Photographer
*Get an exclusive 30% discount when booking for 2 or more! This will be a private, exclusive photo session tour, through the streets of Casablanca. Don't worry if it's your first time in front of a camera, I will help you feel comfortable and at ease. We will be in handpicked locations and hidden spots inside and outside the old medina capturing artistic portraits of you. For any queries, or if you’re planning something special do not hesitate to send me a message. @marouanebeslem
Cooking with Traditional Moroccan Family
You are welcome all the time ! After meeting and getting to know each other. Then we'll go to local market to buy fresh ingredients and then to house because this is not a demonstration, but a fun cooking class where you can cut, slice , chop, and spice up. Casablanca is a city bursting with fresh ingredients and delicious flavors. Cooking and eating with locals is fun and exciting. This experience is simply a cultural exchange over a meal! It’s for those who really want to get to know the world and the people living in it. You will learn how to cook authentic local dishes (famous Tagine) and also how to make Moroccan Mint tea with fresh mint, you will experience every part of the food preparation process ! Back in the kitchen, you’ll experience the warm hospitality at the heart of Moroccan cuisine that is the essence of this local culinary experience. You will also gain an understanding of the seasoning that brings out the diversity of Moroccan flavors.
To be a Moroccan
There is a lot to see ... each experience is unique for each person. In general we visit: -The zerktouni avenue, the biggest one and the core of Casablanca. - Mohamed 5 square. - Al oumam moutahida square. - Old medina. - Souk and bazars. - the new train station casa port. - Marina Mall. - Ain diab coast. - Hassan II mosque. - Prince Square. - Moroccan traditional restaurant ( food and drink included). - Hassan II Avenue.
Relaxing Night Walk
Walking Tour By Night to explore Casablanca's main squares and vibrant spots. I will pick you up from your accommodation or hotel to start our sightseeing walking tour "Private Group Only". We start off by walking through the Medina "Ancient Town" to explore Africa Town and to experience the vibrant Souk at night. After, we will head out to the beating heart of Casablanca city and busiest spot in town "The United Nations Square", and it is also the point where the city starts transforming gradually from Old to Modern. From there we will wander the Art Decos around as we walk our way to Place Mohammed 5 which is the central hub of Casablanca. Along the way, we stop at a cafe that is overlooking a central hub of the city for drinking Mint Tea for a perfect pairing with the, then we continue our walk. At the square, we take photos here because we will be noticing the difference in architecture from here already. Then we head towards the newest part of Casablanca to the Twin Centre in Maarif. Last but not least, will walk up the stares and enjoy a panoramic view to the busy city from up there. After we either walk back near our meeting point, or I can help you get a taxi if you get tired of walking.
Photo Shooting in Casablanca
This will be a private photo session, through the streets of Casablanca. We will be in handpicked locations and hidden spots inside and outside the old medina capturing artistic portraits of you. Don't worry if it's your first time in front of a camera! I will help you feel comfortable and at ease. If you want to visit the interior of the Hassan II Mosque, please notify me in advance so we can adapt our session to the mosque's opening hours. The mosque tickets are on your charge, they are available on the spot and online. Please feel free to ask me if you have any question.
Explore Casablanca with a local
Your Best of Casablanca tour will start with a view of the largest mosque in Africa ''Hassan II'' ( Tickets are not included) and the Third largest Mosque in the Planet with the tallest Minaret in the entire world, from here, we’ll head to the famous Rick’s Café, afterward, we will visit the Sqala tower, with canons dating back to the Portuguese era and a view of the Atlantic Ocean, we will have a tea break here at the sqala tower! then we will see sanctuaries, synagogues ( synagogue rabbi ettedgui ) and a church .we will Walk through the busy streets of the Medina, where we can see locals shopping for groceries, clothing, taking their bread to the local oven and many other daily tasks then finish right at the Mohamed 5 square. Ps: Please gather at the entrance of the museum ( musee hassan 2 where you taxi will drop you off) and not the mosque's door ! The museum's adress is cited below. Other things to note -The mosque's tickets are not included - Please advise me if you have special dietary requirments -please dress Modestly ( for the mosque) - contact me for more details :)
Discover Casablanca's Oldest Bookstores
First of all, we are going to meet at the city center, next to Café de France. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the city center. It is Casablanca’s most famous/ oldest bookstores market. It was and still a haven for many writers and thinkers. This market resists technology that switched knowledge and information from hardcover and paperback books to digital books. You’ll come across plenty of tucked away book stalls. It’s so likely that you’ll find rare books, secondhand books and magazines in different languages. I can definitely help you bargain with the booksellers to get a book with a low price. Bhira played a major role in cultivating Bidawis (Casablanca’s inhabitants) from the 70s and it is definitely a significant mark in the Moroccan readers’ memory. After our tour at the bookstores teem with never-came-across books, bookstore designs and intriguing bookies, we will now head to an authentic café in Old Medina where we can discuss any topic. What I love the most about this experience is meeting people from all over the world and telling them the story of my city and the history of the old bookstores! We can also take a look at a free museum to know more about Casablanca’s history. I’d be more than happy to provide information concerning great restaurants, bars or top attractions in Casablanca that you shouldn’t miss.
Discover the beauty of Casablanca
Do you want to discover Casablanca? This tour is the best way to do it. In a few years, thanks to its new forms of modern architecture, Casablanca has grown from a small city to one of the largest cities in the world and has become an important industrial and commercial center, more open to the Western lifestyle than other cities in Morocco. . Casablanca is now the economic capital of Morocco and the largest city in Morocco. Casablanca is located on the Atlantic coast, about 80 km south of Rabat, and is bordered by beautiful beaches. With a population of 3,359,818 in 2014, Casablanca is the most populous city in the Maghreb. Casablanca is the third most important tourist city in Morocco. This tour will amaze you. This tour will enrich you with emotions, knowledge and memories. You will have the opportunity to visit the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world, the Hassan II Mosque, a true symbol of the city. It has the largest minaret (210m) in Africa and the fifth largest mosque in the world. It is one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims in the entire Arab world. On this tour you will discover the beautiful architecture of the city, which combines Moroccan architectural tradition with urban planning standards and modern comfort. This tour is breathtaking. Book this tour to enjoy Casablanca.
Experience Casablanca's old part of the city as a Local
The Idea of my tour is to offer the travelers something they couldn't have done on their own which is a 100% local experience by exploring the city, more like hanging out with a friend. We'll start our tour with a walk around the old Medina which offers a view of life in Casablanca over the centuries, with traditional market stalls lining the ramparts (leather steps, spices, antiques). We will take a break in one of my favorite cafes, with a beautiful terrace to get a traditional sweet and authentic moroccan mint tea. And we end our tour in the highest and one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world. "Hassan 2 Mosque" A masterpiece of Arab-Muslim architecture. In a century and a half, Casablanca has gone from a small village of a few thousand inhabitants to a city of nearly four million, and has become a major industrial and commercial center more open to the Western way of life than other cities.
Meet people, make new friends, find love
Catch me - Singles night - Have a great meal, amazing cocktails or any alcoholic beverage of your choice - Meet new people, make friends and maybe match with other singles - Play social games with strangers and have fun - Other activities like dancing, singing, etc. can be programmed Come on your own or accompanied and we take care of you ^^
Walk and discover Casablanca, one to one
For you I have designed a unique itinerary that gives you something beautiful, interesting or surprising to see, feel and live! I invite you to discover the architecture(colonial and marocain), life art(traditionel clothes, jewelries, everydays hand craft objects, and food, while visiting the high spots of the city, and crossing the small roads of the old medina. we will walk at a steady pace for two hours thirty, with a break of thirty minutes in a small local restaurant at the port where I invite you to enjoy, a Mquila, Tagine fish and a glass of tea with thyme. if the proposed scheduled timing is not convinient for you please contact me. Other things to note To visit the mosque Hassan II(Prayer place): -You have to buy a ticket there (10 Euros). -For women, shorts are not allowed.
Multi Flavors Food Tour in Casablanca
We will have 4 food stops in Casablanca's downtown. As we meet, we will start off our tour with a freshly squeezed juice at a local spot where Moroccans like stop by and have a fresh juice. There are usually big selection of fruits at those juice shops and you pick any combinations you feel like (Orange, Kiwi, Mango, Avocado, Pineapple and more...). Then, we walk about 5 minutes long to the main food spot. We will have the most iconic Moroccan food that is rich with the Moroccan spices in Tagine (Vegetables with chicken mean or beef) After that, we will walk to a Moroccan pastry where we can do some shopping for a small collection of Morocco's most famous pastry to take with us to a cafe. Last but not least, we head off for Green Moroccan tea with mint. We will sit at a cafe that is centered around a vibrant spot to pair our pastry with a fresh Mint Tea while watching night life passing by the spot. Eventually, if we pass by interesting street food we will definitely try some.
⭐History & Food in old town Casablanca⭐
>Let's start the day with a traditional breakfast at a local spot to craft our local experience >After some food, we will have enough energy to start exploring, and we will follow the tram tracks until we will reach the Mohammed V Square, designed by architect Joseph Marrast. This gorgeous square is the administrative centre of the city and was built under the French protectorate. >From the square, we will take a turn into the Boulevard Rachdi, to have a closer look at the fantastic looking Sacre Coueur church. The church was designed by French architect Paul Tournon in Neo-Gothic style in 1930. From 1956, the church has no religious function anymore, but is used as a cultural centre open to visitors. >Followed by a relaxed walk through the Medina (old town) of Casablanca. Dip into the daily life of the locals and travel back in time while rambling through the narrow streets. Discover some influences from the French colonial era after visiting the bustling marketplace where clothes, spices and traditional leather goods are offered by handi-crats workers. >If there is one thing you don’t want to miss when you’re in Casablanca, it’s visiting the Hassan II Mosque. This is the one largest mosque in the Africa and YES, outside of prayer hours, they will us allow to go inside as a visitors!. The mosque is known by its high minaret of 210 meters. >Finally, we’ll getto La Corniche
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