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Unique things to do in Antalya

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Activities near top attractions

Photo of Konyaaltı Beach
Konyaaltı Beach4 locals recommend
Photo of Antalya Müzesi
Antalya Müzesi41 locals recommend
Photo of Old City marina
Old City marina38 locals recommend
Photo of MarkAntalya AVM
MarkAntalya AVM11 locals recommend
Photo of ÖzdilekPARK Antalya Mall
ÖzdilekPARK Antalya Mall3 locals recommend
Photo of Antalya Migros Shopping Center
Antalya Migros Shopping Center5 locals recommend

All activities near Antalya

The pleasure of canoeing in the nature canyon
it is new exploring canyon. So I am first person in Antalya who before explored there. The place is 30 munite far away in centrum. In road you will Antalya village and culture also. We should a little walk and passing small lake after parking my car. It will be take 7 munite. So please take comfortable shoes or sandals for walking water and rock. The area is between gardens so you can see lemon and pomegrade garden as well. Than I will be prepare canoe for you. In this time you can swiming or explore around. We will be exploring canyon with together or your familly how you want. It is so intersting place between two highest mountain with canyon. We will drive a cano in there. I will make great pictures and videos for you. We will have a time also for swimming in natural place just you. Than we are coming back again starting place. When I prepare canoe to come back you will also swimming. So you will need just enjoy and you will be one of lucky person in Antalya I have a two canoe so you will 6 person also more just tell me. If you want to more people ı will find canoe also. I have a 3 life jacket. Anycase tell me about it You dont need to how to swimming. (If u know swimming also you can swim natural pools) Just ask to me what you want. (Take it your swimming clothes and extra) If you want to breakfast or something write me what you want.
Explore the old town with local taste
(Tour time and day can be changed as desired. Please message me) Pls note that: Tours without licensed tourguide is illegal and you can be fined !!! According to Turkish law, only licensed professional tourist guides allowed to guide tours in Turkey. Don't panic i am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking, make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide to avoid problems later. ..:: Our expedition starts at The Clock Tower (where we will meet) . Then we will start to explore ancient and historical streets, you will meet all hidden and known points of Old Town (Kaleiçi) I will show you the most featured and some secret spots of Old Town (Kaleiçi). Etnographic Museum, Clock Tower, Karatay Medrese, Local Flavor Tasting, Hidirlik Tower, Panoramic Terasses, Hadrian's Gate and Ancient City Walls, are just a few example routes of our tour. It is a walking tour around 3 hours on foot. We walk through the narrow streets of old town and explore the atmposphere. #Antalya Oldtown Other things to note i am helping to friends as a local guide for 15 years #experience in antalya
Cooking class with Turkish family
We will meet our guests at the Migros Mall and bring them home with our car. We offer you to cook and eat some of traditional Turkish food and appetizers (also known as Meze) in family environment. All ingredients will be prepared in front of your eyes with cooking techniques and tips. * Mantı (Turkish ravioli), * Hummus * Zucchini, carrot yogurt salad * Spicy tomato salad * Pickled mixed vegetables * Semolina dessert * Tea * Turkish coffee
Termessos : Travel Into Ancient Times
Tour time and date can be changed as desired. Pls ask for more info Pls note that: Tours without licensed tourguide is illegal and you can be fined !!! According to Turkish law, only licensed professional tourist guides allowed to guide tours in Turkey. Don't panic i am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide. -Termessos ancient city is located at the top of the mountain like Machu Picchu in Peru. Our tour starts from the city center of Antalya. I will pick you up from city center with my private car to the magical atmosphere of the Termessos ancient city. We will make a journey to the past in Ancient Termessos. We will see life in the ancient city, gymnasium, baths, water canals, colonnaded street, agora, theater, bouleuterion, temple of artemis and hadrian, city walls and gates, bouleuterion, necropolis, rock tombs, heroon (heroic monument), antique fortification walls. End of the tour, I will bring you back to the city center. Tour time and date can be changed as desired. Pls ask for more info. The city is 1050 meters above sea level in the Taurus mountain range. We will walk in a mountainous region in the national park. No worries you don't have to climb there is a pathway. Termessos is 38 km far from Antalya. "great for travellers" "great for groups", "great for teams”, “great for team-building"
Preparing delicious dishes from traditional Turkish cuisine
Do you like delicious Turkish food? If your answer is yes, join us… You can cook these delicious delicacies, too, by using the fresh and natural products from our garden… First we will pick our vegetables from our garden, then we will go to the kitchen to prepare our meals, set our table and eat with pleasure. Our delicious homemade surprises will accompany our meals. We have transportation service from the city center of Antalya. Please contact us for the meeting point.
Photo walking tour in Old Town, Antalya
I'm taking you an amazing trip in Antalya, Old Town streets. In this trip you will feel and live the streets, architecture and culture of Antalya and Turkey! While this trip i will give amazingly good memories, photos for you! We will start very close place call ''Markantalya'' and will and by Marina. There is a lot of shops and places to spend time and see Turkish culture, and taste! Walking route plan: Total walking distance is about 1000 meters Meeting at previously agreed location(MARKANTALYA) Walking to take shoots at old town street entrance Walking in the streets and taking photos through Marina Going down by Castle street trip ends in Marina with amazing Antalya view. Please ask me if you have any quesitons) @canberk.celiker
Maldives Antalya's
We are meeting Antalya centrum. Than we are driving to Adrasan road. than our boat tour is starting. Boat tour organization in Adrasan namely the Suluada tour, the region where the ice-cold spring water flows, the American Bay and Fener Bay, from which the island is named. So you can swiming Maldiv Antalya's as well. we can natural eat fish in lunch than we have a tea fruits as well. Than we came back together with own car.
Photo walk in the Old Town
Люди со всего мира прилетают в полюбившуюся Анталию, чтобы погреться на солнце, искупаться в Средиземном море и насладиться турецким сервисом. Я приглашаю Вас на прогулку в Старый город, чтобы показать другую, аутентичную Турцию и запечатлеть для Вас фото на память. Бронируя данное впечатление Вы получаете профессиональную съемку, ознакомительную экскурсию и от 30 обработанных фото (готовность от 2-7 дней). Это будет отличным решением для вас (Вас), если вы (Вы): 1. соло - путешественник; 2. влюбленная пара или дружная семья. Другая важная информация Буду очень рада нашему знакомству! С радостью отвечу на все вопросы, которые у Вас могут возникнуть при бронировании!
Call Of Ancient History In Perge
Tour time and date can be changed as desired. Pls ask for more info. Pls note that: Tours without licensed tour guide is illegal and you can be fined !!! According to Turkish law, only licensed professional tourist guides allowed to guide tours in Turkey. Don't panic i am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking, make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide. Our tour starts from the city center of Antalya, I will pick you up from the city center and drop you back at the end of the tour. Perge is a uniuqe city that was once the capital city of Pamphylia Region invaded by Alexander the Great. One of the oldest cities of the Pamphylia Region, whose name means “Land of All Tribes”. Perge is one of important like Troy and Ephesus Ancient Cities and a famous archaeological site. Lots of well-preserved monumental strucres, good place for pictures. You'll feel like you are wandering around a living ancient city! You'll see the Ancient Theater, Model of the City, Stadion, Monumental Gates, Basilica, Agora, Colonnaded Streets, Fountains, Gymnasion, Baths. An ordinary day in extraordinary Historic Perge's old streets and agora is an exciting-thrilling experience, like a time travelling to the ancient history. You will get all information about the history of the Perge and Perge's people daily life, will see the impressive, memorial, monumental buildings & structures
Secret two nature pools in nature with birds sounds
If you like natural you are correct adress. In this experience has a two natural pool. It is take 65 km for one way. One of them waterfall and pool together with perfect view. After this pool we have one more pool. But we need to walk a little bit with canyon. After walk you can see this perfect pool. So you can swimming and enjoy this amazing atmosphere. I am sure you will enjoy with this experience If you are intersting in foods or like a picnic you should say to me it will be extra.
Antalya Old Town with Chinese speaking tour guide。安塔利亚老城市
When in Rome do as the Romans do! 欢迎大家、 我的名字叫 Cem、我是安塔利亚人。安塔利亚是土耳其最美丽的沿海城市之一、老城市有很多的秘密要必须得知道 、在安塔利亚我可以带大家一起参观老城区、一起玩。不同的角度来看老城区吧。 18 :30 Hadrian Gate *哈德良门集合 项目: - 卡莱伊奇老城的历史 - 罗马海港和观景台 - 哈德良门 - 奥斯曼国房子(进去参观) - 罗马塔 - 人民广场 - 古代冰凌工厂 - 卡拉阿里奥卢公园 - 尝试土耳其咖啡 - 土耳其咖啡算命(简单介绍) - 意大利台阶 - 古代火炮台 - 国父雕塑
Have a typical but organic and amazing Turkish Breakfast
This is tyhpical Turkish breakfast but one spesific thing is every single food that we are gonna eat is handmade. Taste will be unique and also I will guide you to learn how to make gözleme and also you will have chance to try it by yourself
Antique City Termessos -Evdirhan -Local Breakfast or Lunch
( We will change a time a day don't worry) Hello everybody thank you for intersting in this expirience First : Breakfast in some local pleace ı will offer you two different place about breakfast. Second: We will see Evdirhan Evdirhan an impressive and colossal han with a plan unlike any other han in Anatolia, and located in a setting of stunning beauty and history. The han was built by Izzeddin Kaykavus I (r. 1201-19 Third : Termossos Termessos was a Pisidian city built at an altitude of more than 1000 metres at the south-west side of the mountain Solymos (modern-day Güllük Dağı) in the Taurus Mountains (modern-day Antalya province, Turkey). It is smilar to Machu Picchu in Peru. Of course not finish. Fourth : If the roads open for go to Guver Canyon I will show there take a photo. Final: (breakfast or lunch) Than we should eat local foods. We will go to eat Köfte-Piyaz and you should try before leaving Antalya with local foods If you don't intersing in foods ı will make discount.
Walking Canyon Swiming Naturel Pool and Waterfall in Nature
(Firstly We can change time and day don't worry just get a contact) Thank you intersting this amazing experience. I am a guide and traveller. So this experience is about natural canyon waterfall and pool. I am sure just a little local person know this place. First we need to walk in canyon than we can find pool after we can swiming this naturel pool or you can see tihs waterfall. So ıf you are bored for swiming 5 starts hotel's pool you can join with me. ıf you are like find new natural place you should join us. So are you ready for walk, swiming, perfect photo shot ,waterfall? ı am here
Local Bazaar Tour
- We will meet at the Pınarbaşı Local Bazaar in Konyaaltı. You can easily reach there via city bus or taxi. 3min from 5M Migros Mall, 13 min from Oldtown by driving. I will point exact location on the map (TR: Pınarbaşı Kapalı Pazar Yeri) - After the short brief about Antalya agriculture and bazaar we will start tour. You fill find fresh vegetables, fruits, olives, turkish cheese, spices, nuts any kind of kitchen equipments and any kind of clothes, textiles, towels. We will buy some Turkish cheese, olive and local tomatoes. - ıf you are interested in buying something I will help you to find the best quality item with a minimum price. - After the tour we will stop by the cafe at the exit of the bazaar. And we will enjoy crispy Turkish bagel (simit), scrambled eggs with tomatoes and green pepper (Menemen) and Turkish tea. - You will learn about the Turkish food culture, Antalya agriculture and local market ambiance after the tour. Other things to note - Don't worry about bad weather. The market has roof. - I will pay for the snacks written above. If you want to buy souvenirs, I will help you find good quality and price.
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